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Should you fight your Georgia DUI case?

The law allows very little leeway to prosecutors and judges in dealing with your DUI case.  Nolo contendere pleas, also known as no contest pleas, offer you no real protection any more.  A DUI, even a first offense, will be a costly affair.

In Georgia, the costs of a first DUI are signicant.  The following is an estimate of charges that you will face if you plead or are convicted of a DUI.  The chart below shows some of the expenses which you will incur because of a DUI.

You must balance the cost of not fighting the charge against the cost of fighting to protect your rights.  These costs are not only financial but mental, emotional, social, and professional as well.  A DUI charge will follow you throughout your life.

The costs of a DUI conviction, without attorney's fees can easily exceed ten thousand dollars.  Court fines and fees, probation supervision fees, bail fees, insurance premium increases and many more add up to significant expenses which more than justify the cost of hiring an experienced DUI lawyer.

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