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Habersham County Traffic Lawyer

Drivers in Habersham County, Georgia, are likely to come into contact with more different traffic enforcement agencies than in almost any other county in Northeast Georgia.  The Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division and the Habersham County Sheriff's Department are hard at work throughout the county.  Then, there are city police forces including the Clarkesville Police Department, Cornelia Police Department, Demorest Police Department, Baldwin Police Department, Mount Airy Police Department, and Tallulah Falls Police Department (which also covers part of Rabun County).  

On major highways like Highway 365 and Highway 441 as well as county roads and city streets, many opportunities face drivers to be pulled over for traffic violations.

Traffic stops often lead to more serious charges like DUI, marijuana possession, firearms violations, and drug crimes.  

Habersham County is itself a scenic place that attracts many visitors as well as drivers passing through to Alpine Helen and more mountainous Georgia counties, Harrah's Cherokee Casino, and western North Carolina.  Many drivers also pass through Habersham County traveling south to Atlanta from North Carolina and other states.

Drivers from states like South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, as well as other states, may face special challenges associated with speeding and traffic tickets, which may cause license suspensions or other consequences back home.   All drivers should be concerned about points being assessed against their driver's license.

Speeding more than 15 mph over the limit will trigger special Super Speeder assessments above and beyond the court fines and fees.

If you were stopped for a traffic offense and have a court date in the Habersham State Court, the Clarkesville Municipal Court, Cornelia Municipal Court, Demorest Municipal Court, Baldwin Municipal Court, Mount Airy Police Department or Tallulah Falls Police Department, or the traffic stop led to a DUI arrest or more serious criminal charges in the state court or Habersham County Superior Court, we are ready to assist you with the experience and training and awareness of the multi-state implications that you need.

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