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Franklin County Traffic Ticket Representation

Franklin County Georgia Traffic Ticket Defense

The Interstate 85 corridor in northeast Georgia is an area of heavy traffic enforcement.  The Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the Georgia State Patrol and the Department of Public Safety Motor Carrier Compliance Division patrol this area heavily.

Drivers travelling north and south face the possibility of speeding tickets, move over law violations, driving under the influence (DUI) charges and more.

Commercial drivers must pay special attention as there is a weigh station on this section of highway and the Motor Carrier Compliance Division will not hesitate to come after you if you blow past the scales.

Update: The Georgia State Patrol is adding a new Post just off the first Georgia exit after South Carolina right on the Hart County - Franklin County line.  From this post, a full complement of troopers will be patrolling and running radar and laser units.Georgia State Patrol.  More tickets are coming.

These tickets pose special problems for many out-of-state drivers and Georgia drivers as well.

Interstate 85 Traffic Ticket Defense

Out-of-state drivers keeping pace with the rest of the traffic on the interstate may face tickets that can cause the assessment of driving points and insurance points at home.  Some speeds or offenses can even cause license suspensions and requirements to complete driver improvement programs.

These potential consequences in the home state make it imperative to consult with a knowledgeable traffic lawyer to determine those consequences before making a disposition of your case.

All drivers need to be aware that a plea to or forfeiting a cash bond to a speeding ticket fifteen miles (15 mph) or more over the speed limit will result in the State of Georgia assessing a $200 Super Speeder tax.  Failure to pay that additional assessment within the time allowed will result in a suspension of your driver's license if you are a Georgia driver or a suspension of your Georgia driving privileges if not.  Suspension of Georgia driving privileges would then be sent to your home state which will, in most cases, suspend your license until you get clearance from Georgia.

We are also ready and able to handle other criminal charges arising out of a traffic stop such as theft, drug, and violent offenses, as well as DUI charges.

Moving violations charged on the Franklin County sections of Interstate 85 as well as on ramps and adjacent roads and highways will normally be sent to the Probate Court of Franklin County in Carnesville, Georgia.  Court is held at the Franklin County Justice Center located about a mile from the courthouse in Carnesville.

What do we do for you?

If you are an out-of-state driver, we can often handle most charges on your behalf without your having to travel back to Franklin County, Georgia.

We advise you about the potential consequences of your charges both in Georgia and in your state of licensure.

We negotiate with the prosecutor to try to obtain a disposition of your case which will limit or eliminate the consequences to your driver's license.  With commercial drivers, we try to be very conscious of not only points issues but driver rating issues as well.

We handle the final disposition of your case.

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