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About Our Firm

It takes a team approach to prepare and present the defense of a DUI or serious criminal case.

We begin your defense when we interview the very first time, whether it's on the telephone or in person.  We look for every detail that you know about the case.  We determine what your situation is and what your needs are.

We take that initial interview and move forward to a gathering of relevant documentation on your case.  Incident reports, field reports, witness statements, dispatch records, police policies and procedures, officer training records, and arrest/booking reports can all give information which work together to provide you a defense.

Next, the attorney analyzes all of the information gathered and reviews it with you, the client to test the correctness of the information.

At that point, we narrow in on the best and strongest defenses in your case.

We accomplish all of this by the appropriate use of support personnel to gather information from you and from others.

Our team looks forward to helping you with your case.

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