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Georgia Out-of-State DUI Info

Georgia Drivers with Out-of-State DUI Charges

An out-of-state DUI can be more devastating to a Georgia driver than a DUI charge in Georgia.  If you plead to or are convicted of the out-of-state DUI, your Georgia driver's license will be suspended and you will not be able to get it back until you go through both states' clearance procedures.

Before you plead to or go to trial on an out-of-state DUI, be sure you consult with a Georgia DUI Lawyer.

Out-of-State Drivers with Georgia DUI Charges

The greatest care must be exercised by the non-Georgia licensed driver who receives a DUI in the state of Georgia.  These persons are told that if they do not submit to a state-administered chemical test, their privilege to drive in Georgia may be suspended.   Many believe that this means that their home state license will not be effected.

In most cases, they could not be more wrong.  Often a Georgia DUI conviction will be treated by the home state as a conviction for a DUI offense in the home state with none of the special diversion programs or temporary permits that would have been available if the person had been charged in the home state and none of the special diversion programs or temporary permits that may be available to a Georgia driver.

Persons in this situation need diligent representation and may need the assistance of attorneys in both states in order to preserve their license.

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