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Georgia DUI Attorney Sean Black

Fight your Georgia DUI charge!

Almost always, the answer is yes. After all, a DUI conviction can cost you your freedom, your wealth, your privilege to drive, your job, and, sometimes, the stability of your family.  But, you need guidance to understand the charges against you and the way to come through the experience with the least losses possible.

Many people need to fight their DUI charges.

If you have a commercial license or expect to seek one in the future

If you have a pilot's license or expect to seek one in the future

If you drive a motor vehicle belonging to your employer as a part of your employment

If you are a member of a licensed profession, including teaching, law, medicine, nursing, insurance, real estate and many others

If you are under 21 years of age

There are strong reasons for you to defend yourself against this serious charge.

A DUI charge can be fought and can be won.  It begins with investigation, continues with preparation, and completes with presentation.

We want to give you the information you need to determine if it matters enough to you to fight the charge.  We believe that in Northeast Georgia, the DUI Defense Lawyer that you need is Sean A. Black.

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