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Georgia Among The Toughest on DUI Offenders

A recent study of DUI laws across the nation has found Georgia among the very toughest in terms of DUI penalties.  In fact, Georgia ended up third in the nation behind only Minnesota and Utah.  No neighboring state was quite  as high on the list. Florida was 7th. Tennessee ended up at 33rd.  Alabama finished at 36th, while South Carolina was 38th.

The rankings assessed the BAC threshhold and whether there was an enhanced penalty for higher BACs, the amount of required jail time for a DUI offense, the minimum fine amount for DUI offenses, the associated license suspension, and other penalties piled on top of DUI offenders (conversion to a felony after a number of offenses, ignition interlocks, license plate impounding and vehicle confiscation to name a few), and related laws.  Related laws include things like repeat offender provisions, alcohol exclusion laws, and open container laws.  Some of these measurements were adjusted based on population.  

If you are facing a DUI charge, you definitely do not want to face the third toughest laws in the country without experienced and able representation.  Sean Black has the experience, knowledge and ability that you need on your side to guide you to the best possible resolution of your charge.  If you have a case in northeast Georgia, give us a call or fill out a contact form and we will be glad to consult with you about your case.

Sean A. Black

Sean A. Black is a 1992 graduate of the Emory University School of Law. He has been in private practice in Toccoa, Georgia since June 1, 1992.

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