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What happens to my driver’s license when I am charged with DUI in Georgia?

When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, the officer will take your driver's license. It will either be sent to Georgia Department of Driver's Services or to the court that will handle your charge. The taking of your license is typically accompanied by service of a license suspension notice and a temporary driving permit. A driver charged with DUI needs to contact a DUI lawyer soon after the arrest in order to contest the pre-conviction administrative license suspension.

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Proposed Lowering of DUI Standard Considered by Georgia

The National Transportation Safety Board is pushing for a nationwide lowering of the DUI standard to 0.05.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has embraced this idea and will be seeking Congressional Funding to offer a "carrot", i.e. grant money, to states that will move forward w...

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Driving While Medicated: Know the Risks

Prescription medication is a normal part of life for millions of Americans.  All medications or drugs have a physiological effect.  This means that a medication or drug is a substance that effects the functioning of our body.  Most people take medications because their physicians have diagnosed a...

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Georgia Boating Under the Influence Cases

Boating under the influence can be very serious, and it includes the same risks of injury and death that are associated with driving under the influence.  The court consequences can be very serious as well, although BUI does not currently bear any driver's license consequences. The Basics The c...

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